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SEP sesam Hybrid Backup

Unlimited data protection in every IT infrastructure from SMB to large enterprise

SEP sesam Hybrid Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution is the perfect solution for heterogeneous IT infrastructures. It provides absolutely reliable data protection for organisations and enterprises from SMB to enterprise. It supports essentially all virtualisation platforms, operating systems, databases and applications on physical computers, as well as in virtualised environments.

A comprehensive portfolio of modules ensures uninterrupted data protection for a wide variety of applications and databases, including SAP HANA on Intel & IBM Power platforms, SAP NetWeaver & SAP ASE.

The SEP sesam multi-streaming technology enables extremely fast, simultaneous backups of an unlimited number of servers to different backup media such as disk, tape and cloud. After a disaster, SEP sesam Si3 replication technology offers fast and location independent recovery of single files up to the complete system. In addition, companies with SEP sesam are hardware and software independent, which makes it possible to consolidate several backup systems into a single centrally managed backup solution - SEP sesam. This enables IT managers to flexibly adapt their infrastructure to their constantly growing requirements.

25 years of experience in the development of backup software solutions, German quality and product standards as well as an attractive price-performance ratio are reflected in the highly certified backup solution SEP sesam.

SEP sesam Certifications

These certifications are the result of more than 25 years of experience in the development of data protection and recovery solutions ……

Backup Solution Certifications

Multi-Hypervisor Support

VMware, RHV, Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, KVM QEMU, Open Nebula, etc.

Consistent backup and recovery in any IT infrastructure

Hardware and software independent.

Support of all common operating systems, databases & applications

Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC & Micro Focus (Novell).

Reliable Disaster Recovery

Fast “Bare Metal” recovery after a total failure with the SEP sesam Bare System Recovery (BSR) solution.

Minimal storage volumes thanks to Si3 Inline Deduplication

Up to 90% backup storage savings.

Effective Si3 Replication

Bandwidth-saving Data Protection & Recovery for distributed Environments.

Replicate your Data to the Cloud

Use SEP sesam S3 Cloud Replication to generate a second or a third copy of your backup data to the cloud (e.g. Amazon S3 Cloud storage).

S3 Cloud Storage Replication Diagram

Made in Germany

German quality, privacy and product standards.

24x7 Vendor Support

Specialising in data protection solutions for over 25 years.

SEP sesam Certifications

These certifications are the result of more than 25 years of experience in the development of data protection and recovery solutions …

SEP sesam Certifications

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