Cloud & Virtual Solutions

Cloud & Virtual Solutions

Reduce costs and increase flexibility with cloud and virtual solutions from NoMachine, Univention, CensorNet, Kopano, SEP, Benno MailArchiv and Netvoyager.

Cyber Security in one place: Web Filter, Email, CASB, MFA with Censornet

The Unified Security Service (USS) cloud platform from Censornet fully integrates email security, web security, cloud application security and multi-factor authentication for both central configuration and management, as well as data visualisation and reporting.

Enterprise Remote Access to Win, Mac, Linux with NoMachine

Secure and bandwidth efficient deployment of your applications to workstations and Thin Clients across your LAN and across the globe.

Integrated, Scalable Servers & Directory: Univention Linux (UCS)

The standardised, intuitive Linux solution for your company: a preconfigured operating and management system in one.

Netvoyager Thin Client devices and software

Netvoyager is a leading developer of Linux and Windows based thin client devices and software.

Open, flexible, robust Email Archiving with Benno MailArchiv

Benno MailArchiv is open, flexible, robust and therefore a unique solution for audit-proof and legally compliant email archiving - on premise or in the cloud.

Collaborate with Kopano Groupware for Data Control, Privacy, Security

Kopano is the successor to Zarafa. Based on the successful Zarafa platform Kopano provides an enhanced web interface, outstanding mobile support and takes a new approach to Outlook support that is designed to maximise future compatibility as Microsoft Outlook evolves.

Backup for MS 365 & Dynamics 365, Google Workspace, Azure AD & Salesforce

SEP CAPS is the most cost-effective solution on the market with 20+ years experience providing Cloud Data Protection for all SaaS apps. Learn more and start your free trial.

Backup and Disaster Recovery for organisations of all sizes with SEP sesam

SEP sesam Hybrid Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution is the perfect solution for heterogeneous IT infrastructures.

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