NoMachine, the best remote access to Linux, Window and Mac OS X from many client devices: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, ARM

NoMachine Enterprise

NoMachine is well known for its free version which is designed to provide fast high quality remote desktop access for personal and home users with limited needs.

For when your business needs secure remote access NoMachine Enterprise products are available at an affordable price. They are built on the same core NX technology but with the additional features required for deployment in organisations ranging from SMB to large business environments, government and educational institutions.

To provide the flexibility to fit almost any remote access requirement NoMachine has three product families NoMachine Enterprise Desktop, NoMachine Terminal Server and NoMachine Cloud Server. The basic features of each are outlined below.

NoMachine Enterprise Desktop

Improve productivity by providing remote workers with fast, secure access to Windows, Mac OS X and Linux desktops located anywhere.

Provide hassle-free remote control of any computer or server for Working From Home (WFH) employees and system administrators, letting them connect from any device.

NoMachine Enterprise Desktop

NoMachine Terminal Server

The NoMachine Linux Terminal Server has set the benchmark for Linux server based computing solutions for over 10 years. The latest release is even faster for professionals and the enterprise across all industries.

Provides access to any Linux desktop running high-end applications, including CAD/CAM, manufacturing or statistical analysis software, or everyday office productivity software, from anywhere in the world with the best possible graphic accuracy and performance.

A perfect server based computing solution for when you need to deploy dozens or hundreds of Linux desktops efficiently so you maximise performance and minimise cost.

NoMachine Terminal Server

NoMachine Cloud Server

Cloud Server lets you control and streamline access to any computing resource in your company. It makes it possible to create a single access point (gateway) by which remote users can connect to their desktops and their data running on any physical or virtual machine, in the data centre or in the public cloud.

An intuitive user interface across the Cloud Server portfolio empowers administrators to easily create, monitor and manage multiple levels of hosted desktops and server infrastructure. With optional integrated clustering capabilities available, system integrators have the tools they need to install a powerful, resilient and highly-available gateway with built-in load-balancing.

NoMachine Cloud Server


NoMachine products radically simplify remote connectivity for both individuals and businesses, delivering applications and desktops to any user, over any network. The software’s award-winning performance and enterprise-class management tools make it a complete remote access and hosted desktop solution for any organisation.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, NoMachine also has representative offices located in the United States and Germany and multiple R&D sites around Europe. Since 2003, it has developed an extensive network of integration partners. Currently there are thousands of NoMachine customers, including many of the Fortune Global 100 and 500 companies. Customers include leading organisations and corporations in all types of industries. NoMachine technology is widely used in government and education, deployed by some of the top government groups and universities around the world.

The NX technology originally grew out of the need for a more efficient and secure protocol that would seamlessly replicate the X11 protocol typically used by X-Windows based Linux and UNIX graphical environments. NX delivers much more than simple X protocol compression and has become the benchmark for high performance, bandwidth efficiency, graphic fidelity and ease of use.

Nomachine has built on their original NX technology to provide a high performance and cross platform alternative to technology such as RDP, VNC and Citrix. NoMachine now delivers Linux, Windows and Mac OS X applications to remote clients. NoMachine clients are available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android devices and browser based access is also supported. Depending on need, client devices can be full featured high performance workstations or stripped down thin clients with minimal local functions to improve security and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

NoMachine can be an ideal solution for self hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) running on-premise or in the cloud.

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