Case Study: Hallmark Hotels deploy additional protection on top of Microsoft 365

Case Study: Hallmark Hotels deploy additional protection on top of Microsoft 365

The hotel industry is a common target for cybercrime, with high-profile attacks on companies like Marriott and Autoclerk. Phishing is a popular attack technique used against the industry.

Hallmark Hotels, a UK-based hotel group with 26 locations, chose the unified email security solution from Censornet to protect against such threats. Launched in 2007, the group has expanded rapidly, leading to challenges in integrating and consolidating separate systems, which can result in inconsistencies, inefficiencies, and vulnerabilities.

Additional security functionality on top of Microsoft 365

Hallmark Hotels implemented Censornet Email Security with Microsoft 365 to enhance email security. The hotel group sought better visibility into threats, stronger email filtering, and greater control over handling unsafe emails, which the Censornet solution provided beyond what Microsoft 365 offered.

Censornet uses a multi-layered approach to analyze over 130 variables in each email to detect and protect organizations from advanced email threats, such as impersonation attacks and targeted phishing, which are prevalent in the hospitality industry and can be missed by less sophisticated email security tools.

Censornet’s expert support and advice, were crucial factors in selecting them as an email security supplier

Granular detail and control in email security

Censornet Email Security has been implemented across Hallmark Hotel’s 26 locations. This has provided the IT team with greater visibility and control over email security, beyond what is offered by Microsoft 365.

The Censornet platform allows the IT team to audit flagged emails, giving them insights into the sender, recipients, and what within the email was deemed dangerous.

Censornet’s LinkScan technology provides time-of-click protection against malicious URLs, helping to protect Hallmark Hotels from threats like spam, viruses, and malicious URLs that could lead to ransomware attacks.

Overall, the Censornet Email Security solution has enhanced Hallmark Hotels’ email security posture and given their IT team more visibility and control over potential threats coming through the email channel.

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