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SEP sesam Apollon V2 release

SEP sesam Apollon V2 has been released. The Apollon V2 update adds feature enhancements and performance improvements in key areas to further improve your data security.

Highlights of Apollon V2

SEP sesam SAP IQ Integration

Developed in cooperation with SAP, SEP sesam now offers efficient data protection for SAP IQ. Easy automation of backups with SEP sesam command events; automatic retention management for your SAP IQ database and transaction log backups; easy overview and monitoring with the Web UI. No more manual housekeeping for local backups.

VMware Storage Hardware Snapshots - Increase in backup performance

SEP sesam utilises the hardware snapshot capabilities of the underlying storage systems so that a VM snapshot does not have to be active during the entire backup execution. This significantly increases backup performance. SEP sesam utilises the hardware snapshot capabilities offered by underlying storage systems such as HPE Nimble Storage, Pure Storage, Huawei OceanStor or other SAN storage systems.

PostgreSQL INCR Backup

The SEP sesam PostgreSQL module supports DIFF/INCR backups, which include file-level backups of both PostgreSQL database files and PostgreSQL Write Ahead Log (WAL) files. Backup and restore operations are performed for complete database instances.

Other new features and improvements

Updates and enhancements to the recovery wizard, and other Web UI functions.

For a full list please refer to the technical wiki article “Release Notes 5.1.0 Apollon V2” HERE.

Apollon V2 is a must have update for existing SEP sesam users and strong alternative that should be on the evaluation short list for organisations seeking a flexible and cost effective enterprise backup solution.

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