Univention (UCS) LDAP based large director service at Orange

Univention directory service shines for scalability

When investing in Linux based servers and identity management systems (directory services) for a business the question of scalability comes up. Would a Windows and Active Directory (AD) based solution be better? What if the business grows twice or ten times the current size, to 100, 1000, or even 10,000 system users, will the Linux based architecture scale? Or will we be forced to abandon the Linux solution at some point?

The engineering team at multinational telecommunications corporation Orange have a definitive real world answer for you: Certainly you can scale a Linux based system. They used Univention (UCS) to build a system with 13 million active user identities. A directory service that is designed to handle more than a hundred thousand simultaneous requests!

This demonstrates capacities far beyond what most businesses, or government agencies, will ever require.

The Univention (UCS) LDAP based solution minimises vendor lock in and maximises the ability to integrate with a diverse range of other systems. Characteristics that can lead to more flexible solutions and a lower long term total cost of ownership.

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