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NoMachine Releases Version 8

NoMachine has released version 8. This major release brings many new features including the extension of the Cloud Server family to satisfy remote access requirements for organisations ranging from small to very large, a new administration tool that makes remote desktop management easier than ever before and guest desktop sharing that enhances remote collaboration and support scenarios.

Key improvements in version 8 at a glance

  • Extended Cloud Server Family range
  • Remote administration via the server admin tool
  • Guest desktop sharing
  • Visitor desktop sharing
  • ‘Inverse connection’ to enable Node to connect to a Cloud Server in a DMZ
  • Native packages for Windows 64bit and macOS M1/M2
  • Enhanced support for multiple GPUs
  • Select a specific GPU for NoMachine sessions
  • NoMachine can load-balance the workload on multiple GPUs

Extended Cloud Server Family range

Centralise remote access to hosted desktops and application servers residing on corporate networks. According to your remote connectivity needs, four out of the box solutions are available which suit any remote computing scenario:

  • Small Business Cloud Server - centralised access for up to 10 users to NoMachine enabled desktops
  • Cloud Server - permits access for up to 20 users to NoMachine enabled desktops
  • Enterprise Cloud Server - tunnels unlimited connections to NoMachine Windows, macOS or Linux nodes as well as foreign Unix hosts
  • Enterprise Cloud Server Cluster - a powerful, resilient gateway to your entire desktop and server infrastructure by providing automatic fail-over in the case of a server outage

Additionally, the complete revamp of the Cloud Server UI offers a complete configuration and management interface that is always accessible, even from remote. Navigate the entire Cloud Server infrastructure via a single pane of glass from wherever you are, even via the Web.

The new Terminal Server Family range

Customers can now choose between NoMachine Enterprise Terminal Server for multi-node set-ups, or opt for the new NoMachine Enterprise Terminal Server Cluster which provides both multi-node support and fail-over/HA (High Availability) capabilities.

Remote administration of your NoMachine server

Built into all products of the NoMachine Enterprise suite is the new Server Admin tool. It enables the complete remote management of any NoMachine host in your work environment with an easy to use graphical interface. You can get access to every server configuration detail, from the security settings to the performance, see the users that are connected, check the server statistics, start and stop a server according to your needs. Even software updates and updates to the subscription license can be handled remotely.

About Cloud Server

The Cloud Server family is your secure resilient gateway to hosted desktops and server-based resources. It provides users with a centralised point of access to Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix workstations scattered across corporate networks whilst letting administrators create, manage and monitor the most extensive of NoMachine infrastructures from a single pane of glass.

About Enterprise Desktop

Enterprise Desktop offers unparalleled performance for mobile workers and support staff alike, letting them securely access their desktop over any network. With a rich set of features such as extended device redirection, video and audio streaming and file sharing users can work just as well out of the office as they do in.

About Terminal Server

Provides users with their own personal Linux workspace. Admins can create hundreds of hosted Linux desktops, easy to manage and secure on single standalone servers or in cluster. Capable of leveraging the acceleration capabilities of modern graphics cards, users are empowered to access high-end graphical applications, including those Linux desktop environments which rely heavily on OpenGL.

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