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Ransomware protection with SEP sesam immutable Storage (SiS)

Special ransomware protection: SEP Immutable Storage (SiS), that is ‘unchangeable storage’, offers a file storage function that is resistant to ransomware attacks and is based on Si3 NG under Linux. Even with full admin access to the SEP sesam backup server, attackers cannot delete, modify or encrypt the data stored on SiS.

SiS is a very effective protection against ransomware attacks. Backups are increasingly becoming one of the targets of attacks, so ransomware attacks attempt to delete, modify or encrypt the backups. SEP Immutable Storage, also called Si-Storage or SiS, prevents this!

SEP Immutable Storage for directly attached Linux file system storage ensures that stored data remains completely static in its original and unaltered form throughout its lifetime. This means that organisations can quickly recover from a ransomware attack. Even if they have lost access to their data and servers, by using stored data copies that have remained unchanged and intact to restore the entire operating environment.

With SiS, even with full admin access to the SEP sesam backup server, the attackers cannot delete the backup data or modify or encrypt it in any way. So it doesn’t matter if the attacker has gained control of your backup servers, as you always have the uncompromised data and it can be used to restore your entire environment. SiS is based on the Si3 NG Deduplication Store, a special type of data store required for Si3 deduplication. Si3 NG is a new generation of Si3 data store that offers high performance for backup, restore and migration, as well as direct backup to S3. The new SiS functionality additionally offers built-in security features to maintain data integrity, such as a WORM (Write-Once-Read-Many) function, definable immutability (retention time to be set), audit logs, etc.

Based on the File Protection Service (FPS), which scans the file system and sets the Immutable Bit for all new objects, all data stored on SiS is marked as immutable at the time of storing and can no longer be changed. No object stored on SiS can be changed in any way: It cannot be renamed or removed, no links can be made to these objects, and its metadata cannot be accessed or changed. The objects with immutable attributes can only be displayed in read mode.

SiS is a storage location that can be written to once and read as often as necessary. This applies to all media pools connected to the SiS data store.

SiS Highlights at a glance

Resistant against ransomware attacks

Immutability ensures that the data is static, unchangeable and cannot be deleted. Attackers can therefore not change, encrypt or delete it, even if they have gained access to your backup environment.

Resistant to human error & malicious insider threats

No one from the inside, regardless of their role in the company and their user status, can intentionally or accidentally manipulate or delete the data.

Adherence to data security and compliance regulations

SiS can ensure that data is retained in accordance with industry and regulatory requirements by guaranteeing the immutability and authenticity of the data. The immutability guarantees the integrity of the data and its deletion after a certain period of time (retention time to be set).

Ensures data authenticity in the event of litigation and the secure storage of sensitive information for a specified period of time.

For a full details please refer to the technical wiki article “5 0 0:SEP Immutable Storage – SiS” HERE.

About Si3-NG

SEP sesam Jaglion V1 introduced Si3-NG (new generation), making it possible to write backup data directly to S3 storage in deduplicated form without the need for a local Data Store. This simplifies system design and reduces the cost of providing offsite backup storage for on-premise and diversity for cloud based systems. Jaglion V2 added support for Azure Blob Storage.

SEP sesam supports more than just Amazon S3 so you have the freedom to choose your S3 storage vendor based on best price, best support, technical factors or other factors. You can also self host the backup data on S3 storage on-premise or in the cloud for performance, privacy, data security or data sovereignty requirements.

Supported public cloud object storage includes:

  • AWS S3
  • Wasabi S3
  • Ebertlang S3
  • IBM Cloud S3 (planned)
  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

Supported local or self hosted object storage:

  • MinIO S3
  • PureStorage FlashBlade S3
  • DataCore Swarm S3
  • Nutanix Objects S3

For implementation details please refer to the technical wiki article “Backup to S3 Cloud Storage” HERE

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