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Kopano available for UCS 5

Kopano is now available from the Univention App Center for UCS 5. This clears the way for many existing UCS 4.4 servers to be upgraded to UCS 5.

The update was delayed due to the scale of the underlying changes to UCS plus COVID-19 kept the development departments of Kopano and Univention busy. Happily now an update of the three Kopano packages Kopano Core, Kopano WebApp and Z-Push for Kopano have been published in the Univention App Center for UCS 5.

On the surface (functionally) very little has changed. But due to the complete reconstruction of the technical base of UCS 5 a lot of work has been required under the hood.

After updating Kopano, if you have WebApp installed you will have to reinstall the WebApp plugins manually. This is due to the scale of changes to the underlying system. Apart from that, no manual work should be necessary.

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