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Backup to Amazon S3 directly

SEP sesam Jaglion introduced Si3-NG (new generation). It is now possible to write backup data directly to S3 storage in deduplicated form without the need for a local Data Store. This simplifies system design and reduces the cost of providing offsite backup storage for on-premise and diversity for cloud based systems.

SEP sesam supports more than just Amazon S3 so you have the freedom to choose your S3 storage vendor based on best price, best support, technical factors or other factors. You can also self host the backup data on S3 storage on-premise or in the cloud for performance, privacy, data security or data sovereignty requirements.

Supported public cloud object storage includes:

  • AWS S3
  • Wasabi S3
  • Ebertlang S3
  • IBM Cloud S3 (planned)
  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage (planned)

Supported local or self hosted object storage:

  • MinIO S3
  • PureStorage FlashBlade S3
  • DataCore Swarm S3
  • Nutanix Objects S3

For implementation details please refer to the technical wiki article “Backup to S3 Cloud Storage” HERE

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