New SEP sesam backup "Beefalo" adds HPE StoreOnce, HPE Catalyst and more

New SEP sesam backup "Beefalo" adds HPE StoreOnce, HPE Catalyst and more

The new version of SEP sesam - “Beefalo” is the universal backup and restore solution for most virtual environments as well as cloud-to-cloud backup. SEP sesam Beefalo supports eight hypervisors natively. New additions are Proxmox VE and the free Citrix variant XCP-ng. The HPE StoreOnce / Catalyst API is also supported for HPE environments.

Another highlight is the Cloud App Protection Service for Office 365, Salesforce and G Suite, which also includes the required storage space and ensures a backup of your own data in cloud environments. Additionally SEP sesam Beefalo supports the extended DIFF and INCR backup levels of IBM Domino. This simplifies the backup configuration for differential and incremental backups.

The new features are rounded off by a new GUI with an optimized structure and new icons for managing a wide variety of backup environments in a single interface.

New Features & Benefits:

  •     Backup to HPE StoreOnce & HPE Catalyst 
  •     New GUI Design
  •     Web-UI 
  •     Citrix Hypervisor Support - Much faster restores by recovering less data!
  •     Proxmox VE Support
  •     VMware Sandbox Restore
  •     Java 11 & OpenJDK 11 Support
  •     Enhanced email reporting
  •     AD/LDAP Configuration

Find all the details here.

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